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Coaching, collaboration & transparency

Some clients simply want everything handled for them. Others like to dig in and take control of their Internet properties. Works for us either way.

We do believe, however, that all clients should make their own macro decisions. That means our job can be as much education as execution, especially in the early going.

We believe in collaboration and transparency. The days of mystical Webmasters and online gurus are long over.

We often find new clients paying longtime “web guys” ridiculous monthly fees for hosting and support. Evicting these guys can be a challenge as they like to put hosting and domain accounts in their own names. Ridiculous.

Clients should have exclusive control of accounts connected with their web properties. They shouldn’t be hostage to middle men; they shouldn’t pay people to do nothing.

Internet Forestry works by the hour. No hidden charges. No contracts. No skimming. No shell games.

Our clients mostly come from Los Angeles, but we’ve worked with companies from as far away as London and Hawaii.

Over the past six years, we’ve built web sites and blogs for psychotherapists, rock stars, a Hollywood trade paper, doctors, lawyers, a hotel chain, a civic news outfit, real estate brokers, a chamber of commerce … it’s a long list.

Not convinced we’re a fit? Learn more about the Internet Forestry philosophy on Glenn Abel’s blog for clients. Call him anytime at (818) 399-1164.

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