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Your web site needs a rewrite

We write and edit content for the web. Crisp and clear editorial that makes your business look sharp.

Text and headlines need to be search-engine friendly for a web site (or blog) to reach its traffic potential. Each page should be targeting a unique set of keywords that are strategically woven into the content.

The trick is to serve readers and Google at the same time — not many people know how to do this without producing goofy text or running afoul of search engines’ increasingly strict rules.

Content is king is true more than ever, thanks to Google’s “Panda” crackdown.

Very few people with search-engine optimization skills also are professional writer/editors. Go with a pro.

Genesis & WordPress: state of the art

Internet Forestry-built sites combine the visual impact of web pages with the social interactivity of top blogs. They’re built on the Genesis framework for WordPress, using premium themes from StudioPress.

When it comes to WordPress, this is top of the line.

Think of all the software for a “blogsite” in a stack. First, there’s WordPress, the hottest content management system on the Web because of its balance of flexibility and ease of use. In the middle, Genesis, a “theme framework” that supercharges the WordPress CMS, letting developers make significant changes without disturbing the core code. Then, on top, the design theme, or skin.

The only web sites running Genesis use themes built or endorsed by StudioPress. We’ve been using StudioPress themes since 2008 and recommend them without hesitation. Even out of the box, sites look fresh because they’re exclusive to StudioPress clients and developers.

Renovation and creation

We blow up bad web sites. Get rid of junky pages. Sink watery content that never converts. Throw out that party-like-it’s-1999 design. Replace dinky art with bold images. Evict that $50 a month host/developer.

Our services are all about crisp and clear. Traffic and conversions. Web sites and blogs that signal you’re on top of your game.

If you are in business with an old-style web site, it is time to upgrade. If your site were a brochure, would you feel good about handing it to clients?