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Coaching, collaboration & transparency

Some clients simply want everything handled for them. Others like to dig in and take control of their Internet properties. Works for us either way. We do believe, however, that all clients should make their own macro decisions. That means our job … [Read more]

Optimization without the tricks & traps

The era of tricking the major search engines into giving your web site or blog preferred placement are over. That includes practices such as stuffing sites with keywords or buying links at random, hoping for a free ride. The search engines now … [Read more]

Blogs for business? Yes. Definitely yes.

Web sites and blogs age quickly. What worked a few years ago most likely has become outdated or inefficient. Whether you're setting up that first web site or blog, or needing an overhaul of an existing property, we can handle it all. Past credits … [Read more]

About Internet Forestry of Los Angeles

Internet Forestry specializes in helping business owners maximize the effectiveness of their web sites and blogs. We specialize in WordPress blogs and web sites, using visually dynamic designs and up-to-the-minute distribution channels. We've been … [Read more]