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Optimization without the tricks & traps

The era of tricking the major search engines into giving your web site or blog preferred placement are over. That includes practices such as stuffing sites with keywords or buying links at random, hoping for a free ride.

The search engines now focus on site quality, social signals and “authority” — basically, the ability to meet readers’ needs.

We are top of the latest techniques that matter in optimization, spending several hours a day on “staying current.” Things move quickly in this business.

In the end, traffic building is all about meeting the needs of readers, whether the site/blog features editorial content or pure e-commerce. We are “white hat” all the way, but that doesn’t exclude seeking out the most effective techniques for achieving maximum placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Be careful not to do business with “SEO experts” promising quick results — you could end up penalized or even banned by the search engines. Same goes for do-it-yourself SEO, unless you’ve truly put in the time to learn what’s what. Few people do.

We’ve never seen a web site or blog we couldn’t improve. We look at web sites as a whole and make the pieces all work together for more traffic and conversions (sales). Call it holistic optimization.

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